Tarmac ribbons criss-crossing the landscape, dusty back roads twisting between the cool shadows of ancient pines, and less traveled pathways connecting present to past, all I wander, seeking, seeing, with my keyboard and camera capturing scenes and stories to share with you.

Now in its seventh year, this venue has become an important part of my life, a place where I can express my thoughts and feelings about the things I see and do, hoping the process brings me a bit closer to friends and family who enjoy sharing my sometimes chaotic and often nonlinear observations and ideas. A journal, I suppose, but one with which I find pleasure in thinking others are alongside me on my journey.

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January 16, 2012


... nobody queried leonardo as to his reasons for using a particular brush, the pigments he selected for his palettes, or his choices of materials upon which he applied his colors, so why are there such questions concerning the photographer's digital manipulation of images ... world is world and mind is mind, and, other than for a very few who discuss whether a cat sealed in a box is alive or dead, the distinction is elemental to the structure of the universe ... all the photographer really wants is connect the two, what is and what we think, nothing more, and all that he or she uses in order to achieve this are merely tools ... for this image, the seven different filtering operations and blending of three layers in photoshop is only a footnote, as it should be ...

NIKON D200-NIKKOR 18-135@52MM-F/9-1/200th-ISO100