Tarmac ribbons criss-crossing the landscape, dusty back roads twisting between the cool shadows of ancient pines, and less traveled pathways connecting present to past, all I wander, seeking, seeing, with my keyboard and camera capturing scenes and stories to share with you.

Now in its seventh year, this venue has become an important part of my life, a place where I can express my thoughts and feelings about the things I see and do, hoping the process brings me a bit closer to friends and family who enjoy sharing my sometimes chaotic and often nonlinear observations and ideas. A journal, I suppose, but one with which I find pleasure in thinking others are alongside me on my journey.

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July 3, 2013


... off west bay's boggy sands beach, in grand cayman ... neither "quaint" nor "picturesque," on that beautiful island of a thousand banks and close to hundred times that many registered corporations, he's fishing for his supper ...

... perhaps of interest to some of you, this was taken twelve or thirteen years ago using a now-ancient olympus e-10 with a 3.7 megapixel image sensor ...