Tarmac ribbons criss-crossing the landscape, dusty back roads twisting between the cool shadows of ancient pines, and less traveled pathways connecting present to past, all I wander, seeking, seeing, with my keyboard and camera capturing scenes and stories to share with you.

Now in its seventh year, this venue has become an important part of my life, a place where I can express my thoughts and feelings about the things I see and do, hoping the process brings me a bit closer to friends and family who enjoy sharing my sometimes chaotic and often nonlinear observations and ideas. A journal, I suppose, but one with which I find pleasure in thinking others are alongside me on my journey.

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October 19, 2012


... snapped outside the church before the guests began to arrive for sarah and gordy's wedding, the image of jon was made with my olympus e-p1 ... the background panorama i found on the web, credit it to abe pacana (so, of course, tempted as you might be, please don't sell or use this composite for commercial purposes) ... i was just practicing my photoshopping skills, but i'm thinking that if jon ever decides to try to get elected as the mayor of the big apple, this'll make a great campaign poster ...